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Auralith Series

Universal Fluorescent Ink Bases 

The Auralith Fluorescent Ink Base Line is a set of blending colors for an ink maker to use universally in formulation of Sheet Fed, Heat Set, and UV Fluorescent Inks that are an offset to specific spot colors.

Carrying twice the strength will eliminate the necessity of double bumping areas on a job which is common with other fluorescent bases.  Although twice the strength; the Auralith Series of ink has a soft pourable body.

Key Attributes:

  • Strength; twice the strength of common market fluorescent bases.
  • Viscosity; pourable medium bodied
  • Universal; use with S/F, H/S, or UV applications

Product Codes:

  • Clear Blue        AUR-91001
  • Green              AUR-91002
  • Chartreuse       AUR-91027
  • Yellow             AUR-91003
  • Orange            AUR-91004
  • Red                 AUR-91005
  • Pink                AUR-91006
  • Magenta          AUR-91007


  • Pigment Particle Size:           .1-.5 microns       
  • Viscosity:                             Pourable
  • VOC's:                                 > 95% Non-Volatile